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Your new favourite Local

Did you know that cake doesn't make you fat, it simply smoothes out the wrinkles?

We have a few things on offer that can help in this case. And if you can't decide, just take "Grosi's Cheescake". This one is made with so much love that it almost crushes you.

Even those of you who have the urge for something healthier will get their money's worth. A homemade crepe for example...?! They are also available in the salty version..

If you're really hungry, we'll fire up the wood-burning oven for you and bake you a delicious pizza in no time. You're sure to find your favorite pizza among the 10 different varieties. And if not, then let us know.

If you would like to join us with a drink or an after-work beer, the evening bar is your new favorite place. Cozy or with live music - there is always a good atmosphere here.

We have an over-60s coffee shop on two mornings (of course, cozy under-60s are also welcome). 

The little ones are particularly important to us. That's why we have created a healthy snack plate with crunchy and fresh food especially for you. And why not stay for a delicious pizza? You're already there anyway.. :)

As you can see, it's always worth stopping by - we look forward to seeing you!!

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