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Outdoor climbing experience
@ the Outpost

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The Hangout56 Outdoor climbing wall and Adrenalin Bar

Coming this Summer 2024


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Test your Limits

Preparing to Climb
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Outdoor Training Wall

At the Outpost we are starting work on our outdoor climbing wall! With all our building permits finally in check and the construction team at the ready, this summer we look forward to inviting the public to experience for themselves the latest addition to our unique Outdoor Lifestyle Center.

 Designed to ad an element of adventure and fun for the whole family, our 9 meter high north wall will have 8 climbing routes to challenge all levels of climber, from novice to expert and from ages 3-99.

Attached to one of 4 Toppas automatic belay Devices that gently lower you to the ground on completion of a route attempt, you can try a variety of routes with varying skill levels.

 As you improve and develop your strength, you can challenge yourself and safely attempt increasingly difficult routes, each marked with a Level number and colour coordination.

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Adrenalin Bar

Sports Bar
Coming this year!

Also coming this summer is our new Sports Bar.

Take a break from climbing and top up your energy with a round of Billiards, a drink or order one of our stone baked pizzas with a dessert or soft ice cream from our own kitchen. 

register while there is still free spaces

Kids 3-10

For Updates on climbing4kids plus details of our outdoor activity playgroup KIGAfit, make sure you subscribe and we will inform you with the newest information as it happens.


Exclusive prices for members plus youth hang-out evening. Billiard, EM big screen, night climbing competition.

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Big Kids18-99


Firm events, Birthday Party deals for your kids, mens evening, woman's events; make sure you are up to date: more details to follow

big kids
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