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....from the outside

Life is the BIG ADVENTURE.

We are Simone, Markus, Sunny, Melody, Miles, Holly and Bear; adventurers. Family. Having backpacked the globe individually, explored as a married couple and escaped as a family.. one thing we discovered was that; regardless of your location.. life is and always will be ONE BIG ADVENTURE. Never being afraid to try something new, learning to adapt to new challanges and persisting in our quest regardless of the hurdles, has been the core in our search to live out life's potential. ​ The biggest inspiration for the birth of The Outpost Project is our own family. We discovered that a happier, balanced adult or child.. is an active one. We are not talking about fast thumbs and wearing a headset, or being busy just to be busy. But being hands on, getting dirty, experiencing all natures elements and being open to new cultures. And Going Outdoors. We took a time out from civilised life and headed off in a caravan, a four wheel drive and an open mind. Our planned 1 year-out soon became four, two kids became three and our dog, Bobtail Bear, got a playmate; Holly the Springer. Things got tight on all levels...but living with less gave us more. If you want to know more about travel, homeschool, and our experiences abroad can find us at the Outpost Kefikon

lets take this.. OUTSIDE

The creation of this platform is a project that has grown parallel to the development of our own young family. Navigating the needs of growing children is a constant adjusting and learning process for all. More so in todays world where the fascination with anthing digital is overwhelming and possibly the most frustrating aspect of bringing up children today.  We know we are not alone. Counter balancing media time with issuing a good dose of the Outdoors is a proven and common practice. The wide selection and variety of activities you can find on this website reflect our journey; how we keep life exciting, whats important to us and our mission to not accept lifestyle and society norms ...when there coud be a better way. And there always is!

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